Saturday, February 19, 2011

Courage Is...

I’ve been thinking a lot about courage lately. Probably because of the Godchicks ‘Night of Courage’ in a few weeks, and the questions posed to our team by our lovely leader Bonnie: What was your most courageous moment in life? What gives you courage? What does courage mean to you? 

Great questions.

When I was a kid, courage meant standing up to the school yard bully, or not being afraid of the ‘monster’ my brother said was hiding in my closet. But as I grew up, I realized that courage was more than just the absence of an obvious physical threat. Courage was also who we become and how we respond in spite of a challenge or fear. Courage seems to be one of those wonderful gifts from God that I want more of as I see and experience it through others.

Courage is my 5 year old nephew who will walk up to any kid on the playground and say “Hi, I’m Max! Want to play?”

Courage is my friend who is able to pick up her 90-lb son who is not able to walk (yet!) and get him in and out of school, therapy appointments and basketball practice.

Courage is the Pastor who stands up in front of a congregation each week to share the message of the love of God, believing that someone will hear it and make the most important decision of their life; while knowing others may critique his/her every word.

Courage is the person who walks into a Celebrate Recovery meeting for the first time, sometimes not even knowing why they did.

Courage is the one who chooses to believe.

What does courage mean to you?  

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