Monday, October 17, 2011

I'm No Rocket Scientist

The other day I was driving home in traffic and turned on the radio to see why in the world I was driving home in traffic. I caught the tail end of a news story about the NASA scientists in Florida who have had a difficult time finding jobs after the shut down of operations there. They were interviewing these men who were losing their houses or having to move oversees because they can’t find a job. They are overqualified and have such a specific skill set. I’m sure they never in a million years thought they’d find themselves here: unemployed and unemployable.

These men are Rocket Scientists and they can’t find a job.

I thought of all the times I heard my grandpa say “well, I’m no Rocket Scientist but...” as he went on to prove his intelligence in an area. Rocket Scientists are way smart. Smarter than I will ever be but they can’t find a job. If they can’t find a job, how on Earth will I?

And even as I type that, I am reminded of the abundance of blessing I have been afforded during this time of unemployment. The fear of no health coverage the first few months of this year has been trumped by months of not having to go to the doctor. A part-time, temporary job that helped me remember what I’m good at and how I flourish when I’m working in the right atmosphere with the right people and the right attitude. The ability to pay my bills every month and a roof over my head.

I still may be no rocket scientist…but I am blessed and highly favored.

And I will find a job. 

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