Monday, March 21, 2016

Everything Is Changing.

I sat in the front pew waiting for the crowd to disperse and for the specific prayer warrior to be available. I know God hears everyone the same, but I needed Mama Sheryl to pray for me that day. I needed to hear someone say exactly what I couldn’t say out loud. And boy did she…

Everything is changing. I’ve quit my job because God told me to. I’m moving with my parents because I don’t have a job. My parents are going through health challenges that are both physically and emotionally scary. I have questioned almost every one of my relationships in the last 6 months, and I no longer recognize who my community is.

Like I said, EVERYTHING is changing.

Nobody could have prepared me for the last year and the chaos that would unravel in front of my eyes. Nobody, that is, but the Voice that gently whispered…get ready. Get ready to feel your entire foundation shaken, only to remember Who your real foundation is. Get ready to trust Me in ways you have never trusted Me before. Get ready to hear My voice in ways you have never heard before. I have prepared you and I have preserved you. Get ready.

Oh how I wish I knew the end of this testimony. How I wish this was the blog post where I tell you that He has showed me everything He has prepared me for…but the truth is, He hasn’t.


So I tell myself the same thing I tell anyone who comes to me for counsel; “What’s the last thing He told you to do? You hear His voice. No matter how it looks, or who says what, you hear His voice. What’s the last thing He told you? Keep doing that!”

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from all the sermons I’ve heard and Bible I’ve read…God rarely spells it out for us. And even when He did, those closest to Him in the moment still sometimes questioned what He was telling them point blank. So I figure the more my life looks like a Bible story…the better. And if there’s one thing that I’ve witnessed in the last year, our God is a faithful God. He sees your pain in the chaos and change and He will bring a calm to the storm if you remember to focus on Him.

So if you find yourself in a place where everything is changing, I encourage you to lean in and listen. He speaks to us and His sheep know His voice. What’s the last thing He told you to do? Keep doing that!

Today's Forecast: Change. Lot's of it.

Silver Lining: The change is not a surprise to Him. 

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