About My Silver Lining...

When I was a kid living in a suburb of Los Angeles,  I wasn't allowed to go much past the end of our cul-de-sac driveway. I spent many days with the neighboring kids making up creative ways to keep ourselves entertained. This was way before 24-hour cartoon channels and computer games were options. We would play "I spy with my little eye..." while looking up at the cloud formations that filled the skies.

I don't remember ever playing it when it was raining, though. That was no fun...the clouds were all just one big blob in the sky. 

It wasn't until later in life that I realized there is just as much to see in a storming sky. My favorite part of the storm is just as it is breaking up and the rays of the sun start making their way through...you begin to see the silver lining of the clouds. It has taught me that even though there are times we are looking straight into a stormy forecast, there can always be something beautiful we learn about the world around us, or about ourselves, as the light shines through.

There are some storms I've made my way through, and some I'm still in the middle of...but here is where I'll share the silver linings I'm learning along the way.