Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Root of the Matter

So there’s a good chance we are putting the house up for sale. Being unemployed and not being able to financially help my parents out has been a bit of a challenge. Fighting the pangs of codependency because I know there is no way to “fix” this. So I do what I can, which means putting on my overalls (figuratively) and helping with getting the house curb-appeal ready.
As I was out in the yard cleaning up a flower bed, I was met by what I could only describe as a slab of concrete. In actuality, it was dirt that was so embedded with the roots from our oak tree, that the surface could not be penetrated. Nothing you plant there could grow, the roots had taken over and no seed had a chance. I rolled up my sleeves and really got to work. It took every muscle in my body to break that ground and turn the Earth, but as I cut through the roots, the soil became softer and easier to work with.

It was then that it dawned on me that my 6-month milestone was coming this week with Celebrate Recovery and I pretty much had a moment there in the midst of soil and sweat: How similar my recovery journey was to this soil bed? When I came to Christ 15 years ago, I know that I was immediately delivered from some hurts, habits and hang-ups. God had certainly broken the surface. However, it wasn’t until I started dealing with the root of my issues, exposing them to myself and trusted friends, and surrendering them to God, that I was able to really see changes in my life. Every week that I “keep going back” I see strongholds broken in my life, and seeds planted in a soil so much more ready for growth.

I’m starting to see the fruits of the labor…and I’m so very excited to see what else grows.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Green Thumb

Several months ago, I noticed that the rose bushes in our backyard were fried. I started trimming them down, and even the thorns seemed petrified. I pulled the weeds around it. Put in some new soil and turned the earth. Made sure it was watered and sprinkled some plant food.

Imagine my surprise this week when my eye was drawn to a bright pink rose in the center of that once petrified bush. I know I’m not the first to make the connection between gardening and life…but a connection was made. Even though that bush looked good and done, dry as can be and not a sign of life to it…I still tended to it. I still believed, at some level, that a little attention to it would bring a flower eventually. It just took time. And hope.

The fact is the bloom would never have come unless I: 1) clipped off the dead branches, 2) cleaned out the weeds, 3) watered & fed it and 4) wait. Yes…WAIT. 

I think that’s why I’m enjoying gardening so much – my life at this point is very much like that flower bed. I’m in the process of learning to pull the weeds in my life. Cleaning out the dead and overgrown stems. Trying to make sure I get plenty of water, and lots of sun. And no matter what…I keep on sowing. The flowers won’t come overnight, but if I keep at it, they WILL come back. I just have to get my mind around trimming off those dead blooms and LETTING THEM GO.  

I can’t wait to be that beautiful garden again…